Friday, January 16, 2009

London Stuff, Day 3

so I don't feel bad at all now when thinking about the weather here. Although it was 52 and raining today, something pretty common to dreary london, it had to have been better than -10 degrees where you mates are. That is for certain.

managed to make it to class this morning, although only on about two hours sleep, tea and orange and lots of medication. I'm starting to feel much better, although it seems that I am either shivering all the time or sweating all the time. Because london had a vicious cold snap last week, every building in the city had the heat cranked up to full blast. the weather then returned to normal so fast that they didn't have time to reregulate so it is 52 outside and 76 inside. Shiver, sweat, shiver, sweat, you know?

I have become very left out of everything because I can't go out at night. As I write this my flatmates gather amongst the other groups of flats to pub crawl and club hop. They extend the invite, but I can't in good mind go out and get drunk while taking pills. Seriously.

There really isn't too much else to report today. Stopped in at Al-Moustafa's to buy fresh fruit for breakfast around six this morning while most of you were either climbing into bed or starting homework. The tea here is sensational, as to be expected, and I'm slowly learning which people to talk to and which ones will be mean little shits. General rule has been that men my age and white brits= bad to ask, men my age but middle eastern or south asian= treat you like kings if you're kind in return. The barman at the Victory is a great example of that.

Broke down and bought Mcdonalds today for lunch because I wanted something American. Again they dont have and dont know what Ranch is, but they gave me a container of sweet curry that I've yet to try. They also don't sell double quarter pounders with cheese because they don't appreciate you asking for that much food. I had a big mac for the first time in years.

Honestly this is boring shit about today as it was, more or less a boring day. I managed to take a nap from 2 to 7 today which has probably screwed me over on any attempt at sleeping later. Maybe I'll pop on AIM then around 3 and try to catch some of you.

Cheers and all that filthy shite.

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