Friday, August 29, 2008

I Suppose

With the closing of the night class for me I've freed up a shitload of time for myself and now I sit with idle hands again. Hopefully the Chaucer will take that from me but who knows?

I've uninstalled wow from my computer and canceled my accounts. I'm pretty sure I should have marked the occasion with some sort of fanfare or festival but, instead, I simply did the deeds and let them simmer in the pan while I forgot about them. I just wish I had friends down here who played the 360 so that maybe we could still talk. Ryan does every so often but it's one of those things that if you are not playing wow, you wont see a couple people anymore. Here is to videogames and the lesson of using them to, potentially, burn bridges.

Aside from that noise I'll try to write something specifically for the blog next time. I've been working on a theory for my story structure and I have no idea how to really make it work. On paper it sounds amazing, but in practice? Whatever.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Well, it seems that my hope for being graduated this year is impossible now. The DAPR thing that tells me my credit and ability seems to change drastically all the time, this time its telling me that I'm 46 credits away from graduation, meaning that I'd have to take 23 credit hours a semester in order to achieve victory. Hard not to get a little down about that now I guess.Potentially I could take 14 credit hours this summer and have graduated by the start of next year, I was just sort of looking forward to being done on time with the other kids I guess.

Oh well, right?


Seems that on top of all these things I've also got to drop my 407 class because I'm taking the prereq for it. while that makes sense now it really sucks. I know I can handle the course work, I'm just apparently not skilled enough to have fun with the big boys.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Must Be Morning

I'm not entirely certain I'm going to be able to keep this, the chaucer tales, two fiction classes, a 400 level research class and working at the pit, up for very long. Even by my standards I feel like I'm stretching it a little thin. Maybe I should just quit my job? Or maybe school? BOTH!@?

have been listening to the new staind cd and relishing it for the most part. songs like "the corner" and "the way I am" are a change from the other cd's that shows how staind is progressing, but those progressive songs are rather few. for the most part the cd seems to have a lot of similarly sounding songs as well as songs that either start like songs from past cd's or are so identical to them that it is hard to tell. even with that in mind, I've found the cd incredibly enjoyable to listen to and I've listened to it a lot since getting it.

the new slipknot came out yesterday, and although I'm not as impressed with it as I was when subliminal came out, I've only had one listen through which is not really enough to make a decision on it. I'm going to give it the once over a few more times tonight when I get back from my night class. cory has always had a way of winning me over with his music, as has the entire band, so I'm going to give them my best try.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Kate shielded her eyes from the noon sun and pressed her nose to the big picture window at Maddy's. It was cool and refreshing against her face, breaking her skin out into goose bumps and taking some of the edge off of the oppressive summer heat in the city.

She admired the women inside the store, watching them talk with each other and laugh. They seemed so happy to be standing around folding clothes, making minimum wage and dealing with the snobbish types who came in to buy winter apparel at full price in summer. Kate wondered what it would be like to make all of her money standing around with other women, instead of on her back with other men. Thinking like that, however, would mean going back to school or simply getting away from Marcus and Karl. She cringed instinctively, wrinkling her nose against the glass and furrowing her eyebrows at the thought of having to leave the busy east coast for the slowly paced west.

Kate pictured herself gagging on all the farms and fields, choking on church and the ever present push to steer clear of damnation. She could stand to stay a trick for a little while longer, she thought, as long as it meant not going back to church this Sunday. Or any Sunday.

She waved goodbye to the women inside, who didn't notice, and started walking again to the little section of street where she kept a corner office.

Monday, August 25, 2008


So everything has sort of been upside down for me recently. I've not had any time for this place as some of my brothers pointed out and I make no apologies for it. You know why.

Things just have not been going well recently, not that I need to explain the what and wherefors. Keighdee and I have agreed to some sort of armistice, drawing lines down the week and creating days we do and don't. It is all my fault and so I take the blame for it, but at the same time I need this to sort out my own shit. I just hope she takes the time to do the same, something I believe she is doing but refuse to make myself responsible for.

I've been thinking about asking a travel agent about a trip to english shores this spring. I should have a couple thousand if I save properly and it would be nice to take a puddle jumper out there and see what is what. I'll just have to get over the plan ride I guess, and the probability of going it alone.

will put something down here for the enjoyment of all tomorrow. Now that all the business is done I think it is time I moved on to pleasure.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

And Such

I managed to get my computer cleaned out finally. I still cannot change my background which, honestly, was the least of my concerns, but the .exe files that kept fucking with everything are deleted and taken care of.

I'm not sure I'm going to continue with this blog thing anymore. I don't see the point outside of a moment of free writing before I work on other things. I will do the Chaucer thing still whenever Chris gets it set up, but as for all of this I just don't see the point. That is by no means my final say in the matter, but its a heads up moment anyway.

Monday, August 4, 2008

To Make It Short

My computer is basically fucked. After downloading what I thought was an update for my computer everything sort of went to hell. My background was changed, my computer running programs that wouldn't shut down, and eventually blue screening as I ran anti virus scans. Luckily I managed to get my flash drive out and secure some of the things I've been working really hard on, but everything else is now garbage to be lost when I reformat. If I reformat. I may just throw the goddamn thing into my attic and buy a typewriter instead. I still have my laptop to make these little posts with, and the only thing I'd be losing is the ability to play games on the computer. Something I need not lament anyway. Another amazing start to my day I must say.

I suppose we'll have to see what goes with all of that. It would really suck if I have to revert to my laptop because that screws keighdee over a bit. She's been using it for the last couple months because her computer is a bigger ass stain than mine has become. Whatever. We'll figure this out.


Originally I'd refused to write any more posts until Aaron and the others had posted a bit, but then I realized that all of them have been busy with concerts/promotions/travel and the very real date that they are moving back to school on so I'm going to retract that assertion, grudgingly.