Sunday, March 30, 2008


So while perusing the internet I thought of something that might get those of us looking for more to actually go and look for more. There are many fine literary magazines looking for submissions at the moment and I, personally, am getting the itch to receive my first rejection letter.

The challenge is to find a respected/reviewed magazine, figure out what it is looking for in the next submission period and submit a piece. Prizes will be given for an accepted piece and for an epically rejected piece. Any takers?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


School is a shithead or am I just bipolar?

So I woke this morning as I have every other morning for the last month to a cat's ass in my face and his paws going to town on my blankets. It seems no matter what I do Jack will not leave me alone while I'm trying to sleep and no amount of spraying with water seems to jog him from it. I will start the bleach regimen tomorrow and see if that doesn't fix him.

The endeavor goes poorly at the moment. I've written a few good chapters and now I can't seem to force myself to go back to them. I need to go back to them but I would rather not and that is a problem.

I'll reserve this space for further revisions as the day progresses although I have only been awake for an hour of it and there is not much promise.

Look lively, brothers.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Medea Is A Happy Bitch

She really is. I just spent two hours typing up a script with her little happiness mishaps in it. So far it tastes like dogshit but I'm sure the actors can figure that out. They have to.

On a better note I finished the roughness for chapter three as well. I need to spend a week or so with each chapter picking them apart for story and character elements before I can move on, but I think that having 3-4 chapters in the "please look at me" portion of my mind is a good thing. I'm hoping that this will be my first publication and that when I lose its flavor around chapter XX I can find the way to rekindle it. I know you're uninterested in it so I won't bore you with specifics.

Write, my brothers, and do it whenver you find it possible. Time before a class? bust out the pen. Waiting for her/him to prepare themelves for your giant member? uncap that madness onto the page. As badly as I want to read my own finished work I would rather be holding yours. We are in a unique position, our little group here. We have aspiring writers hanging out with aspiring editors and publishing house owners. If you ever needed an excuse to do better every day, this is it.

Look lively, oh my brothers, and see opportunity kicking in your balls (or vaginas) as you wake every morning.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Piss In Your Hat, Mate

I've been reading a lot of other people's work recently because of peer review sessions and just a general desire to be a part of the community. I will not lie, it has not been an easy thing to read other works because I find that although I hate my own writing I seem to hate other people's work more. Gary Soto excused.

I've also finished the next chapter of the endeavor which means that I should actually be "finish-finished" with it after about five more revise sessions. Thank you for the inspiration and the title help brothers, I think you will enjoy your part in all of this.

Theory, what did you think? Chris, was it a good birthday? Josh, tu habla espanol or is that just chicken on your chin? Keighders, do not despair for I am up for it, all the time. That is not a boast but bone hard scientific fact.

With that I leave you again, oh my brothers, to the wonderment of time, space and the infinite destructive power of sparkle motion. If you see the motion coming at you I suggest you brag about it.

Friday, March 14, 2008

My Apologies

Sorry for my absences this week, brothers. I have been on the road for a few days checking out what Kentucky and Tennessee have to offer. There will be more to tell later but I think for now I'm just going to clean my apartment instead.

I'll reserve the space.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

And So It Begins

I turned in my short story a few weeks ago and got the twenty or so papers of feedback from it today. I was happy and, supposedly with a few brush stroke changes, I could get it published. Here is to the little flashes of light in the darkness, mates.

My apologies for not having written in some time, it is not that I hate posting here but that I have been so distracted by this week. I guess since it is the week before spring break every professor of mine decided they were instantly behind and needed to settle accounts. That and I received a two-hundred dollar power bill...what the cock?

I'm going to spend the rest of the night at work sifting through another chapter of the endeavor. Mayhap it turns into something, mayhap it don't. I'm going to fuck you so hard on your birthday, brother, that you will be pissing back into the cup and remixing drinks with it. You've been warned.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

And Just Like Gum

everything loses its flavor eventually. I'm more than fairly certain I'm losing my mind as well as the taste for what I would consider my usual fare. Where does a man who wants everything he doesn't have go to get said items? pretty sure straight to hell
Michigan where the convenience stores are plenty.

I no longer have a love for WoW, she is more of the girlfriend I can't get rid of. I turned to her many years ago to give me a place to run to, now I want to run away.I think there was a song about that once. The real question is what would I do with my time if I didn't fill it with games? I've spent my whole life with them to just let them lose their hold on me now. All good things pass in time,they say, but I'd rather this not pass.

I've started working again on the endeavor and its a painful one. I've lost the flavor for it too right now but I'm forcing myself to at least jot things down. Even if jotting means writing about a hooker whose being run out of town by a moral police state. I hate myself already.

Other than that things are pretty neat. Saw a few of the lads this weekend which was nice and chris is doing some sort of old growing soon. Also I have tickets to HURT this month and that kicks more ass than you do.

Enough of the for now. Time to hang up my coat and maybe take up a new habit of sorts. Is resurrecting the snuff period a new habit or just simply a way to pass the time? Let me know, my brothers.