Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So, I went to London.

Honestly, I'm still hearing jet engines and getting over my ears being completely plugged for a few hours after landing.

The city is nothing like I expected. Too hot inside of the flats, strangely luke warm outside, and the people have a strange way about themselves that I had never expected. I saw, as we took a bus to our flats, an early 90's television thrown into the grass next to a Porsche Carerra. There were multi million dollar homes with two or three cars parked in their gated drives right next to broken ethnic shops and run down flats.

Maybe I should start at the beginning.

I left from indy on a small little plane that took us ahead of schedule to chicago. ahead by an hour. this meant that we had four hours to sit in the terminal and do nothing but wait. I hate flying to begin with, but to put me on a plane, fill me with adrenaline and then make me wait for four hours is brutal. Not to mention that I started running a fever halfway through the first flight and, sitting here now, have the flu like hard core. This flu set in in full force as I waited to board the 777 that would take us to London, and by the time we were taxiing off the runway, I was hardly more than a hungry man shaking and blowing his nose every thirty seconds. It sucked.

Lots of Dayquil and a handful of sleep later, I found myself trying hard not to throw up as we made our way through heathrow airport, stopping every couple of minutes for stragglers, for people who forgot things, for people who just had to go to the bathroom, for security checks, for baggage checks, for customs and passport checks. There were checks made to check that I had, officially, been checked. And then it was time to get on the bus.

We took a bus from heathrow to our flat, an hour long trip in total, and were escorted into apartments that had no conscious thought of maybe being too warm. Every one of the six furnace wall things was blasting on full, despite the warmish weather outside, and after waiting with 22 other people in the living room of one of these saunas while people forced paperwork and nonsense about drugs upon us, we were finally allowed to go back to our own boiling flats, adjust the heat, take a shower for the first time in what seemed like days and prepare for more exciting festivities that have yet to take place tonight.

As sick as I've been feeling I'm not sure of the coherency that this post has, but it is the best I can do with what I've got. I'll try to put something up tomorrow that makes a bit more sense, something not run wild with fever and medication.

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